Bluegrass 45 1971 US Tour Week 01
Leaving Japan & Bill Monroe's Bean Blossom
Leaving Shin Osaka station 06/17/1971
Shin Osaka
Shin Osaka
Haneda Airport
Before headrest screens, they showed movies on a big screen. No choices but Elvis on Stage was fine with me.
Mr & Mrs Bungarz in San Francisco.
6/18/1971 Dick Freeland, Cliff Waldron & the New Shades of Grass picked us up at the Indianapolis airport. Ed Ferris, Josh & Liao
Toshio, Liao, Ed & Josh
Arrived at Bean Blossom!!
Back Home Again in Indiana
Jim & Jesse
Jim & Jesse
Lester Flatt & Roland White
Bill Emerson & Jimmy Gaudreau
Mac Wiseman with Eddie Adcock
Alan Munde with Jimmy Martin & Gloria Bell
?, ?, Jimmy Gaudreau, ?, Bill Yates... way in the back Ben Eldridge, Bill Bill Poffenberge & Cliff Waldron.
?, ?, Jimmy Gaudreau, ?, Bill Yates... way in the back Ben Eldridge, Mike Auldridge, Bill Poffenberge & Cliff Waldron.
No, it's not a line to restrooms
They are watching 17 year old Carl Jackson
Bill Monroe Brown County Jamboree
James Monroe's Festival
Akira, Dick & Josh in front of a tent we borrowed from Charlie Waller
Toshio, Dick & Josh. See we parked right next to the road.
Toshio, Dick & Josh
Josh & Sab trying out a banjo.
Josh & Toshio trying out a banjo.
Liao & Sab.
Sab, Liao & Josh.
Toshio, Bill Poffenberge, Mike Auldridge, Liao, Sab & ?.
Widow Maker
Stars of Decca Records
Bringing Mary Home
Special from Virginia and Jim & Jesse.
"Martin is coming" with a PA tag
Kenny Baker
Kenny Baker and Paul Warren. Possibly a fiddler from RFD Boys?
Josh in the back is stealing fiddle licks:-)
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